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Matt Olsen

Candidate for Ketchikan City Council
3-year term - Two Seats Open


Published: October 01, 2010
Received: September 29, 2010

jpg Matt Olsen

I believe stability is important: stability in government, stability in infrastructure and stability in budget.

Businesses and households do not like peaks and valleys, and neither should your government. In good times the government should not create more bureaucracy and in times of economic instability it should not react hastily by cutting staff and services to make ends meet. We wouldn't frequent a hap-hazard restaurant or store, nor should we tolerate a hap-hazard government. We need to allow our City to provide us with the services we need now and tomorrow.

Along with a stable government, we need to have a stable infrastructure with a long range plan. We currently look to solve our infrastructure problems after we have the money or they have turned into public safety issues. This manner of operation allows projects to not be replaced in a timely fashion or be done the least expensive way. We need to create a thirty or forty year plan that addresses our roads, water, sewer and storm systems. A stable replacement schedule will allow us to pro-actively seek funding and plan our bond issues well in advance of their needs.

Lastly, we need our city to have a stable budget. If we create long range plans for our infrastructure, we will know what we need to spend and when. We will stop the practice of paying out of town companies $500,000 to manage our projects, keeping that money in our local economy. We will be better positioned for funding from outside agencies by presenting projects on a schedule with detailed plans for development. And best of all, we will allow future councils to predict expenditures and needed bond issues on a schedule to keep our monetary needs (taxes) stable.

As a husband and father I seek stability in my daily life. I ask the same of my government. It is my belief that our City can be a stable influence for the rest of our community. I would appreciate your vote on October 5th.


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